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Bathrooms specialist in sudbury suffolk

Local plumbers / Bathroom fitters / Installers.
If you have searched for local Kitchen or Bathroom installers / fitters near me, or for local rated people, we rank high in the listing because of our reputation.
We Install bathrooms, supply and fit or supply only, if it's the supply only route and you need help we will guide you all the way if you require help, this will hopefully get you the right products for your particular requirements at the right price, if it's supply and fit, rest assure we only source quality materials, we would not like you to be dissatisfied or indeed extra call outs at our expense, do it once do it right.
When we install your bathroom cleanliness and attention to detail is paramount in the hidden areas as well as the ones on show, we do all the plumbing, building work, pipe boxing, tiling and if required fit all your accessories. We always include in the price removal of the old fittings from site, if you are happy to do this that is not a problem.
Choosing the right fittings has to considered carefully.

The materials baths as made from
There are two main materials baths are made from, they are acrylic (basically plastic) or steel (hardwearing metal alloy).
When choosing your bath you may want to consider the Pros and Cons..
Acrylic baths
This is the most popular choice for lots of reasons.
Acrylic baths cost less than steel to produce, meaning they’re great for value.
Acrylic is much easier to shape than steel and the range / variety of designs are much bigger. So it’ll be easier to find the bath for you.
Steel baths are stronger than acrylic baths? Not true in all cases. Steel does provide a sturdy construction, but an acrylic bath can be just as tough, they normally come glass fibre reinforced, plus a wooden baseboard for added strength. With modern manufacturing the base board provides a platform for an extra leg to support the base.
Acrylic is also easier to install and remove should need ever rise.
Acrylic baths are warm to the touch, so when you fill it with the hot water it takes less as the surface is not cooling it as it enters the bath.

The benefits of steel baths
Designer appeal
As a more traditional material, it looks absolutely stunning and solid touch. They have clean, crisp lines to create beautiful designs.
Steel baths are cold to the touch, but they do warm up once filled with hot water and actually retain heat much longer than acrylic baths. If you like a good long soak it means you won’t need to top up the hot water quite so often.
Steel baths are coated with enamel, this gives you a perfectly white finished surface but this means extra care as they will chip and scratch. But with care this type of bath will last a long time.
Thinking of the environment
Steel is a natural material and can be recycled once it comes to the end of its life, meaning you’re doing your bit for the environment.
Acrylic baths
·         Good for families and everyday use
·         Lower prices
·         Durable and easy to clean
·         Warm before filling
·         Lots more shapes and sizes to choose from
Steel baths
·         Good for designer bathrooms need careful owners
·         Defined lines and edges
·         Sturdy construction and lovely bright white enamel coating
·         Cold to begin retains warmth well when filled
We also do any building work, tiling, decorating if required with no extra contractors, we will do the whole project ourselves for your peace of mind.
Luxury deep bath for long soaks
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